Fico Africa

A pioneering AgroTech Startup dedicated to empowering farmers, including those in underserved communities, by providing them access to extensive networks of global and local vendor markets. Our mission encompasses enhancing productivity and sustainability through state-of-the-art Farm Management Tools, Climate Smart Agriculture and Precision Farming technologies. By leveraging these innovative solutions, we aim to optimize crop yields, minimize post-harvest losses.

Why Choose Us

Fico Africa is committed to delivering the best services for our customers and also help farmers scale their production using our cutting-edge technologies.

Acces to a Large International Vendor Market.

Climate Smart Agricultural Solution for farmers.

Secure & safe farm logistics system

Fico Market Nexus

The Fico Market Nexus platform enables local farmers to leverage our expansive global vendor market, facilitating sales and generating income. This initiative not only enhances the quality of global crops but also minimizes post-harvest losses and contributes to mitigating food insecurity within the nation's economy.

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CSA and Precision Farming

At Fico Africa, we cultivate an environment conducive to providing farmers of diverse backgrounds with access to state-of-the-art agricultural technologies tailored to their needs. Our suite of Climate Smart Agriculture and Precision Farming technologies equips farmers with real-time climate data encompassing weather conditions, relative humidity metrics, precise crop and farm location tracking, pest detection systems, as well as inventory management solutions, among others.

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We have developed a sophisticated Farm Inventory Management System(FIMS) for local farmers to manage their farms online. From planting crops through harvesting and sales, we ensure that farmers can monitor every process of their crop planting cycle online from any location.

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Our Featured Products

We offer the best of fresh farm products sourced from across the country to our customers. Check out the best selling products available for order.

Casava Fresh Cassava
Plantain Plantain
Palm kenel fruit
Jumbo Snail